Statistiques mathématiques et problèmes inverses
8 au 12 février 2016

Multiplier bootstrap for change point detection (pdf)

Bump detection in a heterogeneous Gaussian regression (pdf)

On consistent hypothesis testing (pdf)

Inverse problems in econometrics: examples and specific theoretical problems (pdf)

Minimax optimal detection of structure for multivariate data (pdf)

The M/G/infinit estimation problem revisited (pdf)

Denoising nonlinear dynamical systems (pdf)

Drift estimation in sparse sequential dynamic imaging (pdf)

  • Jan Johannes (CREST-Ensai and Universite catholique de Louvain)

Adaptive Bayesian estimation in indirect Gaussian sequence space models (pdf)

Geometry and inverse problems. Example tomography and astrophysics (Part 1) (Part 2)

Adaptive Estimation in the Convolution Structure Density Model (pdf)

Minimax goodness-of- t testing in ill-posed inverse problems with partially unknown operators (pdf)

Discrepancy based model selection in statistical inverse problems (pdf)

Nonparametric admissible estimator (pdf)

Statistical Blind Source Separation (pdf)

Laplace deconvolution and its application to the analysis of dynamic contrast enhanced imaging data (pdf)

Aggregation of regularized rankers by means of a linear functional strategy (pdf)

Sharp minimax and adaptive variable selection (pdf)