The Domino problem on  groups  (part. 1)    (part. 2)    (part. 3)

Decidability, Logic and Numeration Systems   (pdf)

Automorphisms of low complexity subshifts   (part. 1)    (part. 2)     (part. 3)


Automatic sequences, generalised polynomials and nilmanifolds   (pdf)

  • Henk Don (Radboud Nijmegen University)

The Cerny conjecture and 1-contracting automata   (pdf)

On the Gap Between Separating Words and Separating Their Reversals   (pdf)

On the entropy algorithmics of block gluing two dimensional subshifts of nite type   (pdf)

On synchronizing colorings of digraphs   (pdf)

Numbers of ergodic lifts for finite-to-one factor maps between shifts of finite type   (pdf)

Quest for Short Identities in Transformation Semigroups and Symmetric Groups   (pdf)

On arithmetic index in the Thue-Morse word   (pdf)

Palindromic Length in Linear Time   (pdf)

Synchronization of Weakly Acyclic Automata   (pdf)

Maimal Edit Distance to a Synchronizing Coloring of a Graph   (pdf)