Rational Geometric Splines: construction and applications in the representation of smooth surfaces   (pdf)

Berrut’s Rational Interpolants   (pdf)

Algebraic multigrid and subdivision   (pdf)

The unitary extension principle and its generalizations   (pdf)

On the rescaled method for RBF approximation   (pdf)

A Unified Interpolatory Subdivision Scheme for Quadrilateral Meshes   (pdf)

Reconstruction of 3D Objects from 1D Cross-Sections by Piecewise linear interpolation   (pdf)

Partially Nested Hierarchical B-Splines   (pdf)

Some Recent Insights into Computing with Positive Definite Kernels   (pdf)

Directional time-frequency analysis via continuous frames or Frame recycling, How to re-use 1D frames in higher dimensions   (pdf)

Sampling for Solutions of the Heat Equation   (pdf)

25+ Years of Wavelets for PDEs   (pdf)

Error estimates for multilevel Gaussian quasi-interpolation on the torus   (pdf)

Spline spaces over planar T-meshes and Extended  complete Tchebycheff spaces   (pdf)

Smoothing of vector and Hermite subdivision schemes   (pdf)

Adaptive hierarchical low-rank approximation of multivariate functions using statistical methods   (pdf)

Recent advances on Accuracy and Stability in Approximation and C.A.G.D.   (pdf)

Helmholtz-Hodge decomposition, divergence-free Wavelets and Applications   (pdf)

Sparse approximation by modified Prony method   (pdf)

Supra-Spherical Splines   (pdf)

Approximation with Ambient B-Splines and Intrinsic PDEs on manifolds   (pdf)

Convergence of corner cutting algorithms refining points and nets of functions   (pdf)

Applications of Variably Scaled Kernels   (pdf)

Non-symmetric kernel-based greedy approximation   (pdf)

Prony’s problem and superresolution in several variables: structure and algorithms   (pdf)

Adaption of tensor product spline spaces to approximation on domains   (pdf)

Local approximation methods using hierarchical splines   (pdf)

Methods for Constructing Multivariate Tight Wavelet Frames   (pdf)

Kernel-based Discretisation  for Solving  Matrix-valued PDEs   (pdf)

Univariate Non-linear Approximation Scheme for Piecewise Smooth functions   (pdf)

Teaching evening :

Have students debate: Why ? How ? Team Learning: another way to teach   (pdf)

First announcement : Curves and Surface 2018   (pdf)