Non-équilibre : physique, stochastique et systèmes dynamiques
18 – 22 janvier 2016

Large time asymptotics of small perturbations of a deterministic dynamics of hard spheres (pdf)

Classical versus Quantum Equilibrium (pdf)

Models for evolution and selection (pdf)

Quantum Breakdown of Thermodynamics: Many-Body Localizations (pdf)

  • Deepak Dhar (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Mumbai)

Proportionate growth and pattern formation in growng sandpiles (pdf)

Macroscopic fluctuation theory (pdf 1) (pdf2)

Random matrices and rarefied gases properties (pdf)

Renormalization Stochastic PDE’s (pdf)

Hydrodynamic spectrum and dynamical phase transition in one-dimensional bulk-driven particle gases (pdf)

Nonequilibrium generalization of the Nernst’s heat theorem (pdf)

Latent heat and the Fourier law (pdf)

Generalized detailed balance and biological applications (pdf)