Journées du Gdr Analyse Fonctionnelle, Harmonique et Probabilités
30 novembre au 4 décembre  2015
  • Alex Amenta (Australian National University / Universite Paris-Sud)

Interpolation and embeddings of weighted tent spaces (pdf)

Semi-groupes d’operateurs et OK-convexite (pdf)

Universality of the limiting spectral distribution for matrices with correlated entries (pdf)

A short proof of the Gap Theorem for separated sequences (pdf)

Rational approximation to functions with polar singular set (pdf)

Fourier mulipliers of the homogeneous Sobolev space W1,1 (pdf)

An application of Schur multipliers to a problem of perturbation (pdf)

Some results on the structure of Lipschitz-free spaces (pdf)

Tropical power series and holomorphic approximation on the complex plane (pdf)

Cosine families close to bounded scalar cosine families (pdf)

Approximative properties of polyanalytic polynomial modules (pdf)

Upper frequent hypercyclicity, and related notions (pdf)

Multiple sampling and interpolation in the Fock space (pdf)

Non-commutativity of the exponential spectrum (pdf)

Decomposable Schur multipliers and non-commutative Fourier multipliers (pdf)

On zeros of holomorphic functions from certain classes and applications to Lieb-Thirring inequalities (pdf)

Absolutely summing composition operators on Hp spaces (pdf)

Uniqueness for discrete Schrodinger evolutions (pdf)

Spectral multipliers for abstract self-adjoint operators: a review of some recent results (pdf)

The non-commutative Khintchine inequalities in Lp, 0 < p 2 (pdf)

Matrix Weights: On the Way to the Linear Bound (pdf)

Szlenk indices of convex hulls (pdf)

Fokas Method applied on Boundary Value Problems for axisymmetric potentials (pdf)

Inner Functions and Inverse Spectral theory (pdf)

Dispersive inequalities via heat semigroup (pdf)

Mixed Commutators vs Mixed BMO (pdf)

Lacunary Fourier series for compact quantum groups (pdf)

Operator-valued local Hardy spaces (pdf)

Function spaces on quantum tori (pdf)

Bernstein inequality: non-commutative setting and dependence (pdf)