Frontières de la dynamique linéaire
28 septembre au 2 octobre 2015

Idris Assani (University of North Carolina) Convergence of nonconventional ergodic averages (slides)
Charles Batty (University of Oxford) Rates of decay associated with operator semigroups (slides)

Fabien Durand (Université de Picardie Jules Verne) Eigenvalues of minimal Cantor systems (slides)
Tanja Eisner (University of Leipzig)
Weighted ergodic theorems (slides)
Krzysztof Fraczek (Nicholas Copernicus University) Birkhoff and Oseledets genericity along curves (slides)
Markus Haase (TU Delft) On some operator-theoretic aspects of ergodic theory (slides)
Eva Kopecká (University of Innsbruck) Strange products of orthogonal projections (slides)
Etienne Matheron (Université d’Artois) Some remarks regarding ergodic operators (slides)
Quentin Menet (Université d’Artois) Linear chaos and frequent hypercyclicity (slides)
Vladimir Müller (Czech Academy of Sciences) Mean ergodic theorem for polynomial subsequences (slides)
Samuel Petite (Université Picardie Jules Verne) Automorphism groups of subshifts with low complexity (slides)
David Seifert (University of Oxford) Asymptotics of infinite systems of ODEs (slides)
Tom Ter Elst (University of Auckland) On one-parameter Koopman groups (slides)
Rafael Tiedra (P. U. Catolica de Chile) Commutator criteria for strong mixing (slides)