Samedi après-midi
-Basic introduction Courses EDP and Probability (in parallel) : Ayman Moussa and Bertrand Cloez

Dimanche matin
-Advanced introduction Courses EDP : Ayman Moussa

Dimanche après-midi
-Advanced introduction Courses Probability : Bertrand CLoez


Lundi matin :
-Presentation Viktor JirsaLarge-scale brain networks and neural fields
-Presentation Lionel Roques – Fronts poussés et fronts tirés : causes et conséquences   (pdf)
-Presentation Franck Ruffier – Biomimetic Vision and Bio-inspired Robots

Lundi après-midi :
-Presentation Simon Benhamou – Animal movements at various scales   (pdf)

– Short talks (4)
Fabien Laroche – The evolution of dispersal and its consequences on alpha and beta diversity in a heterogeneous metacommunity   (pdf)
Chris Henderson- Super-linear propagation for the Fisher-KPP Equation
Kevin Minors – Analysing the effects of nonlocal competition on invasion speed and the formation of patterns   (pdf)
Hélène Leman – A stochastic model for speciation by mating preferences   (pdf)


Mardi matin :
-Course Laurent Desvillettes   (pdf)
-Course Joaquin Fontbona

Mardi après-midi :
-Presentation Carl Graham – About diffusions with jumps, their simulation, and some links with partial integro-differential equations   (pdf)

– Shorts talks (2)
Nicolas Thomas – Exact simulation of a class of piecewise deterministic Markov process   (pdf)
Diane Peurichard – Modelling tissue self-organization: from agent-based to macroscopic models   (pdf)
-Poster session


Mercredi matin :
-Course Laurent Desvillettes
-Course Joaquin Fontbona

Mercredi après-midi : (ERC SKIPPERAD, organized by Marie Doumic)
-Presentation Zhou Xu – Telomere length and senescence heterogeneity: when size matters   (pdf)

– Short talks (4)
Sarah Eugène – Stochastic Modelling of Protein Polymerisation   (pdf)
Aurora Armiento – Mathematical modelling and parameter estimation for a Prion oligomer system
Juan Calvo – Long time behavior for some continuous polymerization models   (pdf)
Thibault Bourgeron – Adaptative dynamics of sexual age structured populations   (pdf)


Jeudi matin :
-Course Michèle Thieullen   (pdf)
-Course Grégory Faye   (pdf)

Jeudi après-midi:
-Presentation Laurent Perrinet – Modelling the dynamics of cognitive processes: from the Bayesian brain to particles
-Presentation Julien Lefevre – The shape of the brain. Quantitative description and modelling of its morphogenesis and variability

-Short talks(2)
Tanguy Cabana – Mean-field methods for large neural networks with heterogeneous synapses.
Vincent Renault – Optimal control of Piecewise Deterministic Markov Processes and application to optogenetics


Vendredi matin :
-Course Michèle Thieullen
-Course Grégory Faye