Modeling Energy Budgets in Ecology : DEB Theory 
April 20 – 30, 2015

School (20 -27 April, 2015) 

Description of modules

Contents of 7-days course in Marseille (49 h)

  • 10 h discussions in break-out groups (8-10 persons). In each hour 2 till 3 participants will present their question/problem in less than 10 min each, followed by a 10 min discussion by the group. The remaining time will be spend on discussion of the particular topic for the group. Each group will have a reporter who summarises the conclusions about this topic and presents it in the plenary discussion. The group compositions will be reshuffled during the course
  • 2 h plenary discussions. Two sessions will deal with the results presented by the reporters.
  • 15 h exercises. Most of the time will used for parameter estimation on the basis of the submitted mydata-file, using the add_my_pet procedure. The results will be reported in the add_my_pet_presentations. We will work in small groups with adequate assistance by the team The exercise-hours will also be used to provide Octave/Matlab and DEBtool training and basics in statistical and numerical methods for those who have an interest in it. You will compose a predict_my_pet-file for your pet, estimate parameters values with it and copy the results in a pars_my_pet-file to access over 100 implied properties of your pet. The remaining time is used for making exercises.
  • 3 h add_my_pet presentations. The participants will here briefly present the results of the parameter estimation for their pet and discuss the problems they encountered. A comparison of the parameter values with that of other animals will place the results in context.
  • 19 h lectures The lectures will present a summary of the material of the tele-course, introductions to practical applications of the theory and extension of the tele-part to include e.g. population and community dynamics. See the course program for details.

Symposium Schedule (28 – 30 April, 2015)

Program and Abstracts

Symposium Program Tuesday
Symposium Program Wednesday
Symposium Program Thursday 30


Here is the book of abstracts for oral presentations :

AbstractBook Oral

The abstracts of keynote talks are here.

Here is the book of abstracts for the poster session :

AbstractBook Posters