Analyse microlocale sur les groupes de Lie
22 au 26 mai 2017

This project is part of a larger scheme which aims at developing on Lie groups methods from microlocal analysis. Microlocal analysis in the Euclidean setting has been developing widely since the 70’s, and pseudodifferential calculus is at the root of its methods. On the Heisenberg group, a pseudo-di erential theory was built by Hajer Bahouri, Clotilde Fermanian Kammerer and Isabelle Gallagher in 2012, and generalised to stratified (even graded) nilpotent Lie groups by Véronique Fischer and Michael Ruzhansky in 2014.
This extension to stratified Lie groups makes possible to develop new tools in this context, such as microlocal defect measures which are used in the Euclidean case to analyse the defects of compacity of bounded families of L2. This project, led by Veronique Fischer and Clotilde Fermanian Kammerer, aims at developing microlocal defect measures in the context of stratified Lie groups.


Clotilde Fermanian Kammerer (Université Paris-Est Créteil)
Véronique Fischer (University of Bath)