Récurrence d’événements extrêmes
30 au 31 mai 2016

We  aim  at organizing  a  European  consortium of  partners  to  submit a proposai to  a  FET OPEN  call  in September 2017. The  goal of the FET project will  be  to gather  and  adapt recent  mathematical   results  in dynamical systems and statistical extreme value  theory  to the modelling of rare  a n d / o r extreme climate events, and  provide  results that can  be exploited  by stakeholders and  decision makers. The FET project will use the existing  CMIP5 climate simulations and coming CMIP6, and provide assessments of  extremes in those projections.  The added  value (from  the theoretical results) is the statistical  inference of mathematical quantities that describe the extreme events from control, historical and scenario simulations.
This ANR project  aims at organizing meetings to build a  European scientific network to  construct the FET project, formulate scientific bottlenecks and challenges, and  evaluate an  implementation  plan for a use  by decision makers. Targeted  groups of stakeholders will be  invited  to  participate to one of  the meeting in order to exchange on the design of tools to evaluate extreme events.

Comité d’organisation

John Bazire (Université Versailles St-Quentin)
Sandro Vaienti (Aix-Marseille Université et Université de Toulon)
Pascal Yiou
Université Versailles St-Quentin)