Séries de Dirichlet, fonctions holomorphes et inégalité de Bohnenblust-Hille
23 février
 – 6 mars, 2015
Dirichlet series was one of the hot topics in Mathematics at the beginning of the 20th. Harald Bohrwas one of the leading mathematitians in this issue, where he used techniques coming from analysis. Thisapproach lived a sort of golden moment between the 1910’s and the 1930’s but after that it was somehowforgotten. Some 20 years ago two papers [23] and [19] called again the attention from analysis to Dirichletseries. Since then a lot has been going on, and Dirichlet series have been studied with new techniques fromfunctional and harmomic analysis. Our project is to write a book that collects both the old results and thenew approach to the subject. But let us start from the beginning.



Pablo Sevilla-Peris (Universidad Politecnica de Valencia)
Andreas Defant (Universität Oldenburg)